No More Cry
Performed By:  The Corrs
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(Verse 1:)
I wanna feel just like before
Before the rain came in my door
Shook me up turned me around
Made me cry till I would drown
Stole the daylight, brought the night
So much anger I would fight
Lost my youth amid the blue 
Saw all the loneliness in you
wanna help you, give you love
Shine some light out from the mud 
fill the empty, find a rhyme
A brighter day, a better time
But I'm wondering where I'm gone
Cant find the truth within my song
And all I have ill give to you 
to let you know your not alone 
I'm telling you:

I'm smiling for you only
I'm trying for you solely
I'm praying for you only
No more cry no more cry

(Verse 2:)
I wanna hear you laugh again 
Without the ache to bring you down
No we'll never be the same
If only I could take your pain
But if its true what people say 
There still is beauty in each day
We'll find comfort in her strength
And one day soon we'll meet again
I'm telling you:

(Chorus x2)

Reach out for your love
Shout out for your love
Listen for your love
Believe in her love...
I'm telling you
I'm telling you:


I'm singing for you only 
(hey) I worry for you only 
But its you saves me from lonely
No more cry no more cry

No no more cry
(no more cry)
No more cry
(No more cry)
No more cry
(No more cry)
No more cry
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