I Was Made To Love Her
Performed By:  Tom Jones, The Beach Boys
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(Words/Music: Cosby/Hardaway/Moy/Stevie Wonder)

I was born in in Little Rock, had a childhood sweetheart,
we were always hand in hand.
I wore high top shoes and shirt tales, Susy was in pig tails
I knew I loved her even then.
I know, my papa disapproved it, my mama boo-hoo-hood it,
but I told them time and time again:
You know, I was made to love her, build my world around her
hey, hey, hey.

She's been my inspiration, showed appreciation,
for the love I gave her through the years.
Like a sweet magnolia tree, full of blossoms tenderly,
my love grew sweeter through the years.
I know that my baby loves me, you know, my baby needs me,
that's why we made it through the years.
I was made to love her, to worship and adore her,
hey, hey, hey.

All through the second hand, our love just won't end,
'cause I love my baby, love my baby, oh!

My baby loves, you know, my baby needs me,
I know, I ain't going nowhere.
I was behind doing chicken, when a love force hit me,
I had the feeling each and every year.
Even if the mountains crumble, even if the whole world tumbles,
I'm sure you will still be standing there.
'Cause I was made to love her, I was made to live for her.
Hey, hey,hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
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