One And One Is Two
Performed By:  The Beatles, Mike Shannon
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One and one is two. What am I to do,
now that I'm in love with you?
I'm hopin' ev'ryday I'm gonna hear you say, 
"You really make my wish come true."

Can you feel when I'm holding you near (Oh yeah)
All the things I do? (Oh yeah)
So, my love, am I making it clear? (Oh yeah)
One and one is two.

Can't you see I've loved you from the start? (Oh yeah)
Don't you love me too? (Oh yeah)
I love you but you're breakin' my heart. (Oh yeah)
From wanting you.



If you say that you're gonna be mine (Oh yeah)
Ev'rything's alright. (Oh yeah)
All the world would look so fine (Oh yeah)
If you'll be mine tonight.

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