Live Like Horses
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1995 William A. Bong Limited
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I can't control this flesh and blood   -   that's wrapped around my bones.
It moves beneath me like a river into the great unknown.
I stepped onto the moving stairs  -  before I could tie my shoes.
Pried a harp out the fingers of a renegade who lived and died the blues.
And his promise made was never clear,    it just carved itself in me.
    All I saw was frost inside my head on the night he said to me.

Someday we'll live like horses. Free rein from your old iron fences.
There's more ways than one to regain your senses.
Break out the stalls and we'll live like horses.
(2nd time only:)
... some day.   Free rein

We're the victims of the heartbreak   -   that kept us short of breath.
Trapped above these bloodless streets without a safety net.
I stood in line to join the trial  -  one more customer of fate.
Claimed a spoke in the wheel of the wagon train on the road to the Golden Gate.
On the flat cracked desert I jumped ship.  It just made sense to me.
I've spent too long in the belly of the beast and now I shall be free.

{Repeat Chorus}
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