The Day We Fall In Love
Performed By:  The Monkees
Copyright:© 1966 Screen Gems/Columbia Music Inc.
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The Day We Fall in Love

Words and Music by
Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell

There'll be birds singin' ev'rywhere,
And the wind will be blowin' thru your hair.
I'll look in your eyes 
And wait for the prize;
Your lips kissing mine 
With a love that is real.
And you'll look so young and fair

On the day we fall in love!
You and me
On the day we fall in love.
You'll see!

There'll be rainbows reachin' cross the sky
And we'll beoth be so happy we will cry.
We'll walk hand in hand
In snow or in sand
Whether roses are blooming
Or snowmen stand by.
Time will stop, for you and I

On the day we fall in love!
It will be on the day we fall in love.
You'll see!

And if the lines that I say fall apart,
It's because I won't know where to start.
But you'll undersand when I say them to you,
'Cause they'll come straight from my heart.

On the day we fall in love,
You and me,
On the day we fall in love,
You'll see,
You'll see.
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