I'll Be Back Upon My Feet
Performed By:  The Monkees
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By Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell

Girl, I know the grass is greener, just around the bend.
Got to say, "Goodbye!" but don't you fear.
Though the road is dark and I might fail to find the end
I won't disappear.

I'll be back upon my feet.
I'll be back upon my feet.
Chase the moon and sun to find my one and only you.
I'll be back upon my feet.
I'll be back upon my feet.
Looking high, I'm looking low.
When I find my boots I know I got to go.

Maybe I will be a star, or maybe just a clown.
Girl, I'll never know until I try.
Maybe I will meet a girl who'll try to keep me down.
But you don't have to cry.
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