If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again
Performed By:  The Monkees
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If I ever get to Saginaw again,
A locale that's somewhat off the beaten track.
Get to see the girl I never saw again
Who must know why I have never ventured back.
We we young,
And so alive
And now I wonder if she'd cling to me,
Become my very own as she did then,
If I ever get to Saginaw again.

If I ever get to Saginaw again,
It won't be in Spring with meadows turning green.
It won't be to tangle with the law again.
And it won't be with someone one only seventeen,
Who gave her love,
And made me hers.
And when you find the one you're dreaming of
Who thinks to ask, "How old is love?",
Not "when"
You may never get to Saginaw again.

If I ever get to Saginaw again
I will get to see son who bears my name.
And perhaps I'll quietly withdraw again
When I see the little man that he became.
And how I yearn
To watch him grow.
A father's love is maybe all it takes
To not repeat those sad mistakes of men
If I ever get to Saginaw again.
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