East Virginia Blues (I Was Born In East Virginia)
Performed By:  The Monkees
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These are the lyrics for "East Virginia Blues" (Rhino Handmade HeadQuarters 
Sessions)  I thought I'd send them along, in case you would like to add 
them.  Too, since the lyric of the  Monkees version differs so greatly from 
traditional bluegrass versions, I've included some info I'm planning to add 
to the FAQs... just in case you'd like to include it with the lyrics, too.   

"I Was Born in East Virginia"

Notes of Interest: 
While this song has been recorded under several titles, the correct title
is "East Virginia Blues."   Peter & Micky sing a variation on the
traditional folk version of this old bluegrass standard which is very
different from the much older traditional bluegrass lyrics and their most
common variations.  This folk version is lacking any hint of some of the
traditional verses, has lillies and not linen on the fair maiden's breast
and borrows a line or two from another bluegrass standard, "Dark Hollar
Blues." (aka "Dark Hollow Blues")   Noting these differences from the
traditional bluegrass, it is possible that the folk standard evolved from
The Carter Family's 1934 recording of the song.    The Carter Family not
only recorded the song with a lyric differing greatly from the more well
known variations of traditional verses, they later recorded "East Virginia
Blues #2 (1935) which continues the story of the song in new verses.
Afficianados of this song may wish to seek out versions recorded by:  The
Carter Family, Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie, The Grateful Dead, Ralph
Stanley (or The Stanley Brothers) and Joan Baez. 

The lyrics as sung by Micky & Peter:

I was born in East Virginia
North Carolina, I did roam
There I met a sweet young maiden
Her name and age, I do not know

Her hair it was a light brown color
And her cheeks were ruby red
On her breast she wore white lillies
There I longed to lay my head

I'd rather be in some dark hollow
Where the sun refuse to shine
Than to see her with another
And to know she'd never be mine

I was born in East Virginia
North Carolina, I did roam
There I met a sweet young maiden
Her name and age, I do not know
Her name and age, I do not know
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