Words:Gary Osborne
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1978 Big Pig Music Limited
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The fuse is set and checked once more. Then left beside a back street door.
And in the cold grey light -
Someone sees a shadow run through the night, and out of sight

They hide inside a smoke filled room, to hear at last the blast of doom.
And so the deed is done
They listen to the final countdown begun, three, two, one.

Madness, it's a kind of madness that turns good men bad.
And we're helpless caught up in the madness of a world gone mad.

The roar of fire rings out on high and flames light up the black night sky
A child screams out in fear
A hopeless cry  for help but no-one is near enough to hear


As walls collapse and timbers flare - the smell of death hangs in the air
When help at last arrives
They try to fight the flame but nothing survives of all those lives


And it's madness, every time a victim dies.
There is madness, burning in a blind man's eyes.
And it's madness, hidden in the hate and pain.
There is madness, burning in a wild man's brain.
And it's madness, every time the bullets start.
There is madness, burning in a poor man's heart.
And it's madness, something that we can't control.
There is madness, burning in a madman's soul. Madness.

Madness. Madness.
(Repeat, ad lib, fade),
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