You Can't Give Up On Love
Words:Alan Jackson
Music:Alan Jackson
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1994 Seventh Son Music
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(Alan Jackson)
  '94 Seventh Son Music 

You say your heart's been broken and you just can't win
You say that you'll never love again let me tell you friend
You can't give up on love that's the one thing we've got to keep goin'
Cause it don't come easy and it's so hard to hold you can't give up on love

Looked out my window what did I see it's another broken family
The kids are stayin' with mama at home daddy's livin' in a house all alone
But you can't give up on love...
[ guitar - steel ]
Troubled times make it hard to stay so many lovers take the easy way
But don't go crazy jump ship too soon cause everyday can't be a honeymoon
No you can't give up on love...
No you can't give up on love oh you can't give up on love
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