Walk On The Rocks
Words:John E. Swaim
Music:John E. Swaim
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1996 Artin Music
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(John E. Swaim)
  '96 Artin Music 

After seventeen years behind bars and looking back on his mistakes
He sat down and poured out his heart when his son came to see him today
He spoke with a voice that trembled trying to hold back the tears
He said I ain't been much of a father son I wish I could turn back the years
Cause life's like a river and the water is deep cross it with care or you'll end up like me
Let my mistakes be your steppin' stones and walk on the rocks that I stumbled on
[ fiddle ]
He said son stay away from the bottle watch out for the company you keep
And hold on to those you love cause love is a man's greatest need
The right way may not be easy the right road ain't always straight
Son please don't follow the footsteps that lead to where I am today
Cause life's like a river...
[ fiddle ]
Walk on the rocks that I stumbled on
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