Walkin' The Floor Over Me
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1991 April Music
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(Don Sampson - Alan Jackson)
  '91 April Music 

There's a lady living right above me pretty as a picture on the wall
Once I helped her with a bag of groceries we met a time or two out in the hall
She told me somebody hurt her feelings the hurt that's in her eyes is plain to see
Slowly she's been wearing out my ceiling walkin' the floor over me
Every night I hear her crying crying over some old memory
A little of my heart is down here dying cause she's walkin' the floor over me
[ fiddle - steel ]
Back and forth I followed every footstep countin' long enough to fall asleep
Had the sweetest dream last night cause I dreamt she was walkin' the floor over me
Every night I hear her crying...
That woman is walkin' the floor over me
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