Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1993 Blue Book Music
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(Red Simpson - Don Rich)
  '93 Blue Book Music 

Well I've been sorta worried about Santa Claus this year
Cause we live a way down south and it didn't snow down here
But I'm tellin' you not to worry cause I just got the word
Everybody listen closely and I'll tell you what I heard
Santa's coming in a pickup stead of his trusty sleigh
He'll have a truck instead of a reindeer to carry him on his way
Cause the weatherman had some problems he couldn't get snow you see
Santa's gonna come in a pickup truck when he visits you and me
[ guitar ]
Santa can't bring his reindeer he'll leave 'em far away
But don't you worry bout him he's gonna be here Christmas day
He's got a big red pickup with four-wheel drive and all
And there's gonna be a merry Christmas merry Christmas for all
Yeah Santa's coming in a pickup...
Yeah Santa's gonna come in a pickup truck when he visits you and me
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