Revenooer Man
Words:Johnny Paycheck
Music:Johnny Paycheck
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1959 Sony/ATV Songs
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(Johnny Paycheck)
  '59 Sony/ATV Songs 

Well I was sent to a place in North Carolina to check up on a moonshine still
But when I got there to my surprise I could see a little light on the hill
Well the fire was a glowin' already I was knowin' I was really hot on the track
But in DC they said it couldn't be but I'll be the one to bring 'em back
Cause I'm a revenooer man yeah I'm a revenooer man
I've got a badge in my pocket and a gun on my hip
Damn moonshiners better never make a slip
Cause I'm a revenooer man yeah I'll get 'em if I can
[ guitar ]
Well the moon was shinin' bright as I looked down the river
I noticed on the side of the hill
I could see a red light that was glowin' bright I knew it had to be a still
Well the people down the road said it wasn't far but I better know someone
Cause when the moonshiners know I carry a star
I'll bet my bottom dollar I'll have 'em on the run
Cause I'm a revenooer man...

Well when I got there the woods was bare they must've known I was on my way
Well I heard the branches shatter as they started to scatter
I heard two or three of 'em say
It's the Revernooer man it's the Revernooer man
He's got a big .45 with loads to fill
Raggin' and a shaggin' to another hill
It's the Revernooer man and he'll get us if he can
Yeah I'm a Revernooer man and I'll get 'em if I can
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