Maybe I Should Stay Here
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1995 Castleman Music
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(Robert L. Castleman - Melanie Castleman)
  '95 Castleman Music 

Maybe I should stay here for the rest of my life
My compliments to you dear you're so easy on the eyes
I'm liking how my Jack and water mixes with your Estee Lauder ooh
So maybe I should stay here and keep making eyes at you
Maybe you should stay here I beg you not to go
There's something I must say dear I'm compelled to let you know
My intuition makes me think that holding you's a possibility oh oh
So maybe you should stay here and keep makin' eyes at me
Some lovers lose some lovers win but honey I don't care
Somebody said only fools rush in but me I'm already there
So maybe we should stay here cause here's where we belong
Like me the night is lonely like you the night is young
There's no reason why we shouldn't have these feelings
If it happens naturally oh yeah
so maybe we should stay here For all eternity
Oh baby we should stay here just you and me
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