Job Description
Words:Alan Jackson
Music:Alan Jackson
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1994 Seventh Son Music
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(Alan Jackson)
  '94 Seventh Son Music 

Well I know sometimes you find it hard to understand just what we do out here
Well that bus rolls up at home and I just disappear
And I sure don't like to leave you couldn't stand for you to think that I don't care
So I wrote this job description just to tell you what I do when I'm not there
I sleep eighty miles an hour to the whining of a diesel down the interstate
Dreaming bout my little girls the easy chair that sits beside the fireplace
Then we shut her down in another town shower up do just what we came to do
Sing for the people count the money and the miles back home to you
[ guitar - steel ]
Well each night I take the stage with a six piece band and a guitar in my hand
Singin' songs about my life all the good times and the bad
Then we say goodbye and we load it up and head somewhere I've already been
Then I lay down in that double bed alone and I thank the Lord again
Well I sleep eighty miles an hour...
Well I just sing for the people count the money and the miles back home to you
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