It's About Time You Learned About Goodbye
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1996 WB Music
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(Alan Jackson)
  '96 WB Music 

Well I've been on the wrong side of the front door too often
Watched you slam it in my face
Well I may learn the hard way I'm not a soft one tonight I'm standin' in your place
Cause you taught me a lot about leavin' won't even have to try
So here's your lesson in heartache and grievin' and a chance for you to cry
Cause it's time you learned about goodbye
[ guitar - steel ]
I've stood behind you and I've laid beside you but I won't do that anymore
Cause I'm tired of bein' just here when you want me tonight I'm walkin' out that door
Cause you taught me...
Yeah you taught me...
Yeah you taught me...
It's time you learned about goodbye it's time you learned about goodbye
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