I Still Love You
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 2000 Coburn Music
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(Harley L. Allen - John Pennell)
  '00 Coburn Music 

The door still creaks the roof still leaks when the rain comes fallin' down
The dog still barks at every car that comes around
My boss at work he's still a jerk that ain't nothing new
I'm such a dope my heart's still broke cause I still love you
My favorite picture of you is still on my windowsill
You wrote to me don't ever change and I'm afraid I never will
[ steel ]
When day is done the night still comes and I still toss and turn
I still try to have some pride while the bridge still burns
My arms still ache my heart still waits and I know there's no use
I'm still a fool and it's so cruel cause I still love you
My favorite picture of you...
Thanks for the call I guess that's all except I still love you
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