If We Make It Through December
Words:Merle Haggard
Music:Merle Haggard
Performed By:  Alan Jackson
Copyright:© 1973 Shade Tree Music
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(Merle Haggard)
  '73 Shade Tree Music 

If we make it through December everything's gonna be all right I know
It's the coldest time of winter and I shiver when I see the falling snow
If we make it through December God plans to be in warmer time come summertime
Maybe even California if we make it through December we'll be fine

God laid off down at the factory and their time is not the greatest in the world
Heaven knows I been working hard wanted Christmas to be right for daddy's girl
I don't mean they hate December it's meant to be the happy time of year
And my little girl don't understand why daddy can't afford no Christmas here
If we make it through December...
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