Winter Of A Broken Heart
Words:Nelson Mandrell
Music:Nelson Mandrell
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1990 Nelson Mandrell Music
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(Nelson Mandrell)
  '90 Nelson Mandrell Music 

Oh it seems the sun will never shine the skies are so gray
And the heart you left broken is lonely
The winter wind blows through the trees and with the song I sing
I long for the days you loved me only
Sorrow lingers shadows only fill the empty room
Nights of lonely cries unheard in the winter of a broken heart

Oh the nights will never be the same as when the love was new
Young hearts so tender in their yearning
But seasons change and lovers too and winter's twice as cold
But the fire in one heart is always burning
Sorrow lingers shadows only fill...
[ mandolin - dobro ]
Though a million hours pass the time and lonely is the pain
And what was love is just a spell that's broken
So blow the wind and freeze the rain and try like lover's do
Seems our hearts have never really spoken
Sorrow lingers shadows only fill...
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