Will You Be Leaving
Words:John Pennell
Music:John Pennell
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1991 Happy Valley Music
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(John Pennell)
  '91 Happy Valley Music 

You may walk away in angerb wear your heart upon your sleeve
You make act like it don't matter keep me laughing while you leave
But burning bridges won't get me back if you change your mind some day
Why can't we turn this scene around before you walk away
Will you be leaving leaving me today
Like the ocean leaves us waiting on the sand crumbling in our hand
I can't live this scene again
[ mandolin - fiddle ]
You may turn away in silence while the tears run down your face
Say there's nothing left to bind us leaving love without a trace
But if I loved you well you'd soon find out why your new love falls some day
Why can't we burn this heartache down before you walk away
Will you be leaving...
[ banjo ]
Will you be leaving...
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