Two Highways
Words:Larry Cordle
Music:Larry Cordle
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1984 PolyGram International
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(words/music Larry Cordle)
 '84 PolyGram Int

Two highways lay before me which one will I choose
Down one lane I'd find happiness and down the other I would lose
There is no one that I can trust I must decide alone
My decision is an awful one which road will take me home
In the mornin' would I wake to find down the wrong road I have gone
Will I hear the melodies I've searched for oh so long
Only time will tell if I have made a loser's choice
And though sadness cries my inner soul goodbye lover moans my voice

Perils there are many as I set out on my way
If I lose your love I know that I can call it back someday
Rambler lonely rambler just cause anyplace is home
Nashville lights how you have always shined
[ guitar - mandolin ]
Wishing now that you had found a word or two to say
But the morning came and we both knew my eyes gave it away
As I kissed your cheeks and said goodbye I thought only time will tell
And you can't draw water from an empty well
In the mornin' would I wake to find...
And though sadness cries my inner soul goodbye lover moans my voice
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