That Makes One Of Us
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1990 Maypop Music
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(Rick Bowles - Barbara Wyrick)
  '90 Maypop Music 

You've made up your mind we don't want the same thing
And that we won't change things wishin' there were ways
And there's no use staying together nothing lasts forever that's what you say
And that makes one of us not in love and that makes one of us who can't give up
If you can walk away from the life we've made then that makes one of us
[ dobro - fiddle ]
I still believe we've got something worth saving
I keep hoping and praying for another chance
You've held my heart and your gonna break it
Cause you wanna make it a part of your past
That makes one of us not in love...
Then that makes one of us
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