So Long So Wrong
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1997 Church Teeth Music
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(Patrick Brayer - Walden Dahl)
  '97 Church Teeth Music 

I know I'll be lonesome that brings about a little fear
I know I'll be sad and I'll be blue
I have given the best of me when I forgot to say to you
What you forgot to say to me so long so wrong

I have tried and cared baby it was never enough
Cause in your mind I never had a clue
So I'll repave the same old road I'm on where I forgot to say to you
What you forgot to say to me so long so wrong

Did we take forever in vain into the past
Did we think forever was really gonna last
[ banjo ]
You have tired me with your wanting ways
You can't buy yourself to be complete
I have given up caring anymore
Once you were big in a world that's small and now you're all alone
Did we take forever in vain...
[ mandolin ]
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