One Good Reason
Words:John Pennell
Music:John Pennell
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1990 Happy Valley Music
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(John Pennell)
  '90 Happy Valley Music 

Just give me one good reason to stay tonight must be something you could say to me
To keep me warm on this cold dark night can you bring out the best in me
That old moon in shining brightly up above the midnight plains
I only want your love to guide me back through the night and take us home again

Can I bring out the best in you as well must be some way you could let me know
While we wait out the sun only time will tell will you love me or let me go
That old moon in shining brightly...
[ dobro - fiddle ]
So now my friend with this gentle plea can you tell me what is on your mind
There's just one good reason that's all I need chase the sorrow from your eyes
That old moon in shining brightly...
[ banjo ]
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