Blue Trail Of Sorrow
Words:Jeff White
Music:Jeff White
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1997 Shiroisan Music
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(Jeff White)
  '97 Shiroisan Music 

Blue trail of sorrow lies upon the ground
And I get so lonely since you let me down
Well I used to be so happy walking on these streets
Now there's just sadness everywhere I meet
Start walking baby walk all over town sweet tears of sadness falling down
Keep looking baby I won't be around blue trail of sorrow on the ground
[ mandolin ]
Now when I had a dollar you'd stick right by me
Now I've got nothing but blues for company
Well I think I'll leave tomorrow I'm tired of this old town
But it won't be hard to find me if you look down on the ground
[ fiddle - banjo ]
Start walking baby...
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