Rock And Roll Damnation
Performed By:  AC/DC (1978)
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(Young, Young, Scott)

You say that you play too loud, well baby that's tough,
you say that you got too much, can't get enough.
They tell you that you look a fool, and baby I'm a fool for you,
they say that your mind's diseased, well, shake your stuff.

It's a Rock and Roll damnation,
ma's own whipping boy.
Rock and roll damnation,
take a chance while you still got a choice.
You say that you want respect, honey, for what?
for all the things that you've done to me, thanks a lot!
C'mon, get up off your bended knees, you can, set your mind at ease,
my temperature's running hot,
and I've been waiting all night for a bite of what you've got.



Damnation, they're puttin' you down.
Damnation, all over town.
Damnation, cause you're way outta reach,
Livin' on the streets you gotta practice what you preach.


Damnation, you left a happy home,
damnation, just to live on your own.
Damnation, you want to live in sin,
damnation, well, it's a rock 'n' roll.
Damnation, you're just a bundle of joy,
damnation, you're a toy for a boy.
Damnation, you got dollars in your eye,
damnation, chasin' that pie in the sky.
Damnation, rock 'n' roll, damnation.
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