Down In The Depths
Words:Cole Albert Porter
Music:Cole Albert Porter
Performed By:  Mabel Mercer, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald
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Track Title:               Down In The Depths

Album Title:               Here's To The Ladies
Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Originally made famous by: Mabel Mercer
Producer:                  David Kahne

Written by:                Cole Porter       (C. Albert P.)


with a million neon rainbows burning below me,
and a million blazing taxis raising a roar,
here i sit, above the town,
in my pet-paillated gown,
down in the depths
of the ninetieth floor.
while the crowds in all the nightclubs punish the parquet,
and the bars are packed with couples calling for more,
i'm deserted and depressed
in my regal-eagle nest,
down in the depths
of the ninetieth floor.
when the only one you wanted wants another,
what's the use of swank and cash in the bank galore?
why, even the janitor's wife
has a perfectly good love life,
and here i am, facing tomorrow,
alone in my sorrow,
down in the depths
of the ninetieth floor.
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