Bridget McGuire
Words:Cole Albert Porter
Music:Cole Albert Porter
Performed By:  Unknown
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Track Title:               Bridget McGuire

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Written by:                Cole Porter       (C. Albert P.)

"Bridget McGuire" was copyrighted by Porter under the title "Bridget" on June
14, 1910.

Verse 1

Bridget McGuire was a scullery maid,
And she worked in a home way uptown.
Partick O'Brien was just simply dyin'
To marry and then settle down.
Most ev'ry night Pat on Bridget would call,
Thus he passed the long evenings away.
Soon Miss McGuire didn't mind it at all
Or the "blarney" when Partick would say


Sweet Colleen Bawn!
Faith and I'm feelin' so sad and forlorn.
Won't you just smile at me,
Once in a while at me?
Sure!  And my heart is on fire,
I never met a girl that I liked better.
Come on-Bridget,
Out for a lark,
We'll go meandering all through the park.
Ah!  You're far too delicious
To wash and wipe dishes,
Miss Bridget, Bridget McGuire.

Verse 2 (First Version)

Pat struck it rich and the two were soon wed
In the church 'round the corner one day.
All was complete, when they moved to their suite
In a huge hotel down on Broadway.
'Most every night you can see them about,
For they go to the shows right along.
Perhaps that is Pat, who's asleep over there,
If it is, he'll wake up to this song.

Verse 2 (Second Version)

Mister Pat had good luck, but to Bridget he stuck,
And he wedded her one day in May.
When they were married, Miss Bridget was carried
To a house of his own, people say.
Now she has steam yachts and motors galore,
And though happy she often will long
To hear Pat's "blarney," as in days of yore,
And to have him again sing that song-

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