I'm Alive
Performed By:  Celine Dion
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M m m, mm, m m m, mm, I get wings to fly, oho, I'm alive!
When you call on me, when I hear you breathe,
I get wings to fly, I feel that I'm alive.
When you look at me,
I can touch the sky, I know that I'm alive.
Oho, ohoho, I hurt.

When you bless the day, I just drift away,
all my worries die, I'm glad that I'm alive.
You've set my heart on fire, filled me with love, made me a woman.
On clouds above, I couldn't get much higher,
my spirit takes flight 'cause I am alive, oh!

When you call on me  (when you call on me),
when I hear you breathe (when I hear you breathe),
I get wings to fly I feel that I'm alive, I am alive.
When you reach for me (when you reach for me),
raising spirits high, God knows that,

that I'll be the one standing by
through good and through trying times.
And it's only begun, I can't wait for the rest of my life.
When you call on me (when you call on me),
when you reach for me (when you reach for me),
I get wings to fly, I feel that.
When you bless the day  (when you bless, you bless the day),
I just drift away (I just drift away),
all my worries die, I know that I'm alive, yeah, yeah.
I get wings to fly, God knows that I'm alive.
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