This Girl
Performed By:  Slade
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This girl ain't flying tonight this girl ain't trying tonight
she's only turning over, that's what makes a rover
think he ain't doin' it right.

This girl ain't giving her best this girl ain't living her best
she's only going under, that's what makes me wonder
who she'll be pickin' on next.

Happy hunting all you sweet sinners all you losers,
all you winners, find your own peace of mind
Happy hunting all you live wires all you laughers,
all you criers, am I really unkind?

This girl ain't doing the rounds, this girl's become out of bounds;
She's only letting new loves that's what makes the true loves
think that she's out for the pounds.

This girl ain't doing her all, this girl ain't bouncing her ball;
She's only out to plunder that's what makes me wonder
If I should give her a call.

This girl ain't flying tonight, this girl ain't trying tonight;
She's only letting new loves that's what makes the true loves
think they ain't doing it right.
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