Scratch My Back
Performed By:  Slade
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(Words/Music: Holder/Lea)

How long can you go
Oh can you go a dozen times
How long can you smile
Oh can you smile a dozen smiles
Cos everyway holds something that's nice
Try it once and then you'll try it twice.

Oh Mercy Mercy
Oh lawdy lawdy
I'll scratch your back if you'll just scratch mine
Cos when I'm outa sight
Then I'm outa mind
Oh mercy mercy do it over and over again
Oh lawdy lawdy.

How long will it last
It's getting harder off the cuff
How long does it take
There must be someone with enough
Cos everytime holds something that's better
Go on get on up and forget the letter.


Oh Mercy Mercy Mercy
Scratch my back just a little bit higher

How much do you need
What does it take to get you off
No one's ever made it
Are you tryin' to make me laugh
Cos until now you bin and tryed all the rest
So now's the time you gotta try out the best.

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