One Way Hotel
Performed By:  Slade
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They asked me to sleep on the floor
The people were running galore
They asked for the time to make a number a-changes and I let them

I sat on my case in the hall
The window would seemingly look tall
How long does it take to make a number a-changes when you let them

The case of another man was opened and the contents were lying on the 
I could tell by his face he's a man like myself that's for sure

I was there for a fortnight or more
The place is full up to the door
My mind was deranged an' my habits were changed since I let them

I finished my chum nine till four
I thought that my boss do the score
It makes you feel sick when you think of the tricks they can add to

The locks on the windows were made by yourself not to open
(by yourself not to open)
Come to think of it now that if I were a child they'd be broken

I now spend a year behind this door
The doctors would see me no more
They asked me to sign with a pen on the line
I was done for.
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