My Friend Stan
Performed By:  Slade
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My friend Stan's got a funny old man
Oh yeh oh yeh,
He makes him work all night
Till he can't do it right
Oh yeh aha

And from the way you blacked my eye
I know that you're the reason why
And from the way you fixed his tie,
I've seen you've gettin to him
Gettin to him

My friend Jack's got an ache in his back
Ooh oh yeh
The Doc said he'd be fine
If he'd just take his time, oh ooh.

You bin gettin to him
You bin gettin to him
Oh Yeah

My friend Pete says his body is weak,
Oh yeh aha,
He told me he can't sleep and his temperatures steep,
Oh yeh aha,

You bin gettin to him
You bin gettin to him
You bin gettin to him
Oh yeh.
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