Miles Out To Sea
Performed By:  Slade
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From the corner of my eye
I was looking out and why
To see all the things we did
To see hope in where we hid

From the outside lookin' in
Was a stranger with a grin
Seeing bombhead on a rope
He was swinging high and low, high and low

We were miles out to sea
Did we float you and me
Maybe one day we'll go back for more
We were miles from the bay
Did we float I should say
Maybe next time we'll leave from the shore

From the corner of my eye
I was looking out and why
There were sounds you never heard
And then dump was the new word

Look at last night was that night
A sharp lady got it right
We sang songs from cabaret
And we laughed the night away, right away

The mad monk was such a sight
Red hair hanging in the light
And a temple to call home
Is he living there alone

From the outside looking in
Stood a stranger with a grin
He saw all the things we did
We saw hope in where we hid, yes we did
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