Lay It Down
Performed By:  Slade
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A beat on the drum a drum on the beat
A change of the key by pinching my seat;
A beat on the drum has got to be there
The rise in my voice a spring on my chair.

A ring on the chord a chord on the ring
A turn of the key the break of a string;
A ring on the chord has got to be here
The rise in my voice could sound very queer.

Let's lay it down on the line Let's lay it down while it shines
Let's lay it down while it moves Let's lay it all in the grooves
Let's play it back with attack Let's make the window panes crack.

A bend on the note a note on the bend
The frog in my throat goes through to the end;
A bend on the note is all very fine
So let it hang on a hell of a time.

A chase on the bass is all very fine
There's only one place so watch for the sign.
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