I'm A Talker
Performed By:  Slade
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Throw another log on the fire
Fill another glass with desire
Thank the Lord
If you're bored
I've run out of stories to tell
Time for bed
How's your head
I must say you look very well.

I'm a talker
I'm a teller
I'm an army
I'm a one
I'm a speaker
I'm a spoker
And my star sign
Is a two sided son
Now I'm one. (Two in one).

Throw another smoke around the room
Guess I'm gonna pass pretty soon
Thank the Lord
That we scored
I feel like I've known you so long
One last drop
Then we'll stop
I'm happy that you came along.


A little bit of music everyday
Is bound to take your blues all away
Thank the Lord
If you're bored
I feel like I've known you for years
One last drop
Then we'll stop
Here's to your health I'll say cheers.

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