Gypsy Roadhog
Words:Neville John ("Noddy") Holder MBE
Music:James Whild Lea
Performed By:  Slade
Copyright:© 1977 Noddy Holder/Jim Lea Music Ltd.
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Lyrics by Neville John Holder, MBE
Music by James Whild Lea

(c) 1977  Noddy Holder/Jim Lea Music Ltd.

Powdered my nose in Alabama

Out on a limb

Powdered my nose in Indiana

Ain't that a sin

I had to get my butt out quick

It always works - the old, old trick

I got away just in the nick of time, that's why

I powdered my nose in Oklahoma

Over the top

I wasted away in New Orleans

I couldn't stop

Down in the alley - happy dust

Me and Romona we was gettin' bust

I got away just in the nick of time, that's why

I got the nickname the Gypsy Roadhog

On the California trail

I gotta keep my wheels movin' on

I gotta keep me outa jail

Powdered my nose in San Francisco

Down on the bay

It went to my head down in New York City

I was blasted away

And two ugly scuts bust in the room

They took away my little silver spoon

I got away just in the nick of time, that's why


I'm comin' through, through, through

I'm looking for you
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