Find Yourself A Rainbow
Performed By:  Slade
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Find yourself a rainbow
Find yourself in that pot of gold
When you're there you're there to stay
You'll find yourself start changing
All you need is take a hold
Things get better day by day

And then you'll know that this time
Is the right time and the place to be
Pick the flowers there's no hours
Just remember April showers

Climb upon that rainbow
Slide on down to that pot of gold
You keep smilin' come what may


Find yourself a rainbow
A song a day and you won't grow old
You can wish your cares away.

Additional verses
Open up your dreamland
It's so easy just to find the key
All your troubles turn to smiles
What to do is

Let go all your heartaches
It's as easy as being free
You don't have to wait awhile.
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