Cocky Rock Boys (Rule OK)
Performed By:  Slade
Copyright:© 1983 Whild John Music Ltd.
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Lyrics & Music by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea

(c) 1983 Whild John Music Ltd.

You and me are the greatest thing

You and me are the honky kings

Rockin' on is the next best thing

To good love - To good love

A little bit of what you like

Slaps your face, says,  "On yer bike!"

She told you once and told you twice

There's no way - No way


You Cocky Rock Boys

You Wanna Roll Away

You Cocky Rock Boys

You Rule OK

Get your oats in while you can

You're full of wit and it hits the fan

A fifty-fifty gambling man

Has no chance - No chance

You live on speed and it breaks your neck

A clapped out, living, loving wreck

You gotta keep yourself in check

I tell ya - Tell ya

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