Swinging On The Moon
Words:Mel Torme
Music:Mel Torme
Performed By:  Mel Torme (1953)
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Are you tired of summer nights and noons?
Do you yawn when they speak sunny Spain?
Could you live without ever seeing old Rangoon?
Then come with me and let's go swingin' on the moon.

Have you had enough of London fog,
New York snow and California smog?
Would you say "arriva derci" to Rome in June?
Then fly with me and let's go swingin' on the moon.

(Bridge 1:)
Let's have a honeymoon on the moon, honey,
Far from the noisy earth below;
And if your mama asks, "Why the moon," honey,
Just tell her your feller has gone interstellar.

Grab your hat and we'll head off in the blue
In a little rocket built for two;
Baby, we're gonna blast off, and before we're through,
We'll leave the cares that we know on terra firma below
While we go singin' and swingin' on the moon.

(Bridge 2:)
Hey, let's grab a holiday on the moon, honey,
Far from the hustle of  the crowd;
And if your folks ask about our house, honey,
Tell mater and pater we live in the crater.

We're really gonna enjoy a life of ease,
Livin' on moonlight cocktails and green cheese;
Mister and Missus Space Commuter, if you please -
And in a few years we might produce our own satelite
While we go singin' and swingin' on the moon.

Swingin' on the moon... moonlight cocktail...
Moonlight becomes you... blue moon...
Moon over Miami... velvet moon... how high the moon...
Don't let the moon get away... the moon was yellow...
We're singin', we're swingin',
We're singin' and a swingin' on the moon.
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