A Stranger In Town
Words:Mel Torme
Music:Mel Torme
Performed By:  Mel Torme (1954)
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Just arrived on the seventen,
Thought I'd see the old gang again,
But you know how they come and go -
I'm just a stranger in town.

Ev'rywhere, ev'ryone I see
Seems to wonder who I can be;
And I swear, no one seems to care
About a stranger in town.

(Bridge 1:)
I saw a cottage on a lonely old street,
The weeds have grown 'round the gate;
Somehow I felt that you would wait here, my sweet;
But it looks like I'm too late.

Guess I'll leave on the twelve-oh-two,
Can't believe that there's no more you;
Is there nothing for me? Will I always be
A stranger in my own home town.

(Bridge 2:)
I asked around by no one knew you by name;
I wonder where you are now?
I always hoped that things would be just the same,
And that you'd wait for me somehow.

Guess I'll leave on the twelve-oh-two
Now that you have found someone new;
Is there nothing for me? Will I always be
A stranger in my own home town?

It hurts to be alone with no one of your own
When you're a stranger in your own home town.
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