'Round Midnight
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Julie London (1960), Ella Fitzgerald
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Written by:  Cootie Williams
Written by:  Thelonious Monk
Written by:  Bernard Hanighen
It begins to tell 'round midnight, 'round midnight.
I do pretty well till after sun-down, suppertime I'm feeling bad
But it really gets bad 'round midnight.
Mem'ries always start 'round midnight, round midnight.
Haven't got the heart to stand those mem'ries,
When my heart is still with you and old midnight knows it too.
When some quarrel we had need mending, does it mean that our love is endng?
Darling, I need you, lately I find you're out of my arms and out of my mind.
Let our love take wing some midnight, 'round midnight.
Let the angels sing for your returning, let our love be safe and sound
When old midnight comes around.
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