You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do)
Words:Walter Donaldson
Music:Walter Donaldson
Performed By:  Guy Lombardo, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
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Written by:  Walter Donaldson
Arranged by:  Nelson Riddle
Originally made famous by: Guy Lombardo
From the Album:  The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
From the Show:  Smiles  (1930)
Label:  Reprise Records
Recorded:  May 11, 1966
You, you're driving me crazy!  What did I do?  What did I do?
My tears for you make everything hazy, clouding the skies of blue
How true, were the friends who were near me to cheer me
Believe, me they knew, but you
Were the kind who would hurt me, desert me
When I needed you
Yes you, you're driving me crazy!  What did I do to you?
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