You Forgot All The Words (While I Still Remember The Tune)
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Bernie Wayne
Written by:  E.H. Jay
Arranged by:  Nelson Riddle
Label:  Capitol Records
Recorded:  October 17, 1955

Love was like a song, a lovely melody, our hearts would sing along, in perfect harmony
But you forgot all the words while I still remember the tune
Each time our lips would cling, I heard a serenade
Of love and youth and spring, forever to be played
But you forgot all the words, while I still remember the tune.
We used to dance, instead of walk, we used to sing, instead of talk
Why was our love song that used to be only the start of the blues for me
But songs are funny things, they never really die
And so my hope still clings that someday you will try
To just remember the words, for I still remember the tune
When lonely lights are lit and midnight songs will start
Our song I must admit still fills my hopeful heart
So please remember the words, for I still remember the tune
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