With Every Breath I Take
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Ralph Rainger
Written by:  Leo Robin
With the Hollywood String Quartet
Arranged by:  Nelson Riddle
From the Film:  Here Is My Heart  (1934)
Label:  Capitol Records
Recorded:  April 5, 1956

I think of you with every breath I take, with every breeze that wanders by.
And your name is a song, I'll remember the long years through.
I breathe your name with every breath I take, and every breath becomes a sigh.
Not a sigh of despair, but a sigh that I'll always care.
Even now as I walk through the garden, seems that I hear love say:
"Some day, some way."
And when I sleep you keep my heart awake,
And when I wake from dreams divine, every breath that I take
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