Why Was I Born
Words:Oscar Greenley Clendenning Hammerstein II
Music:Jerome David Kern
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
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Lyrics by:  Oscar Hammerstein II
Music by:  Jerome Kern
Arranged by:  Axel Stordahl
From the Show:  Sweet Adeline  (1929)
Label:  Columbia Records
Recorded:  December 28, 1947

(Intro, not included in Frank Sinatra version:)
Spending these lonesome evenings with nothing to do
But to live in dreams that I make up all by myself
Dreaming that you're beside me, I picture the prettiest stories
Only to wake up all by myself What is the good of me by myself?
Why was I born, why am I livin'?
What do I get, what am I givin'?
Why do I want a thing I daren't hope for?
What can I hope for? I wish I knew
Why do I try to draw you near me?
Why do I do I cry? You never hear me
I'm a poor fool, but what can I do?
Why was I born to love you?
(instrumental-first two lines of second verse)

I'm a poor fool, but what can I do?
Why was I born to love you?
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