Walk Away
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Paul Anka
Written by:  Sammy Cahn
Arranged by:  Gordon Jenkins
Label:  Reprise Records
Recorded:  June 22, 1973
Walk away, walk away
Don't even stop to look around
Goodbye's such a lonely sound
When love is gone, it's best to move on
Walk away, yesterday we had some fun my love
But that fun is done my love
There's nothing to say, just walk away
Remember the time you told me that I'm not the kind to ever make it last
It's easy to tell, that you knew me well
You picked the villain in the cast
You'll be ok, walk away
No use regretting it
Just start forgetting it
When love is all through the best thing to do is walk away
Just try forgetting it
Cause when love is all through
The best thing to do is walk away... walk away... walk away (fade out)
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