Words:Raymond Leveen
Music:Maria Grever
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Lyrics by:  Raymond Leveen
Music by:  Maria Grever
Originally made famous by:  Horace Heidt and his Orchestra
One night the moon was so mellow, Rosita met young Manuelo,
He held her like this, this lovely miss, and stole a kiss, this fellow.
He said he was glad he'd met her, and soon he would come and get her,
But she said "No, no, I cannot go until I know you better."
Ti-pi-ti-pi-tin, ti-pi-tin, ti-pi-ti-pi-ton, ti-pi-ton.
He kept on a'stealing and he had a feeling she was satisfied.
Ti-pi-ti-pi-tin, ti-pi-tin, ti-pi-ti-pi-ton, ti-pi-ton.
She was saying "Go, sir!" so he held her closer, and how he complied.
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