This Is The Beginning Of The End
Words:Mack Gordon
Music:Mack Gordon
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Mack Gordon
With Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra
Originally made famous by:  Dorothy Lamour
From the Film:  Johnny Apollo  (1940)
Label:  Victor Records
Recorded:  March 12, 1940
This is the beginning of the end, I can see it in your eyes, in everything you do,
And you're afraid to tell me that we're through, but I can tell by looking at you.
This is the beginning of the end, you just give yourself away with everything you say,
And though you never told me we must part, still I can read the writing in your heart.
Why is it now when I hold your hand, there is some little something that I miss,
What has become of the warmth in your smile,
And where is that little mischief in your goodnight kiss?
This is the beginning of the end, I can see the thrill is gone, why let it linger on,
Why lie to me and say it isn't so, for when I hold you in my arms I know
That this, this is the beginning of the end.
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